Radu Luchian(ov)
Curriculum Vitae

Printable versions of my CV: pdf, rtf, MSWord doc and Text-only versions of my CV are available upon request.
In time I may bring on-line an example for each of the skills I'm listing...

(pseudonyms: Radu, Monicsoft, Moon Steer)

Cover letters: General (shorter and longer),
Objective (of this document): keeping formal track of my adventure in Learning smile and trying to be exhaustive.
My own Objective: A day job around which I can work on my health and on the many applications and other ideas I keep getting.
Current contact... E-mail: radu(-@-)monicsoft.net

Work experience:
Since before I finished highschool I worked in many places. Here they are, from the most recent down:

I moved from place to place while following my adventure in Learning. References available on request.

Carleton University (CU), Ottawa, Canada, houses the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies (IIS). My studies, in the Cognitive Science PhD Program have been interrupted in 2004 due to financial and personal problems.

Publications: I never found the time to bring papers to formal publication standards, but I did write quite a bit of course papers, scattered commentary (some of which I may polish some day into publishable papers), and even some older poems and fiction.

Personal: I'm a Romanian (ex-)married to a Bulgarian and our kid is hearing only English (our common language). I like programming and sci-fi/fantasy and cycling and role-playing/strategy gaming and more

For a more complete list of what I know and what I did professionally to date, see one of the printable versions of my CV above.