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"Follow your bliss."
--Joseph Campbell [The Power of Myth]
Happy people follow that advice. I try to be one of them. Here's who I am.

This web site is following a colorful visual cue paradigm described on this page. On all my pages, the top site menu is hidden. To open it, click on 'Arthur le fantôme' (the little ghost: that floats on the left side of every page).
Alternatively, for people who do not trust JavaScript or are using browsers I didn't test on, navigation to the main pages of the site is always available at the bottom of each page.

There are lots of thanks I owe to many people. One of the links in my site menu leads to a "thanks, folks!" file of the people who helped me evolve spiritually.

So what am I up to these days? Mostly waiting for Christopher to grow up and take control of his life and when I'm not... I used to do many things at once, and generally got torn between them. Now I'm going to keep to strict priorities: health (mens sana in corpore sano), kid, money, then everything else. Thus:

My web pages are (still) in dire need of a spring cleaning; I played for a while with the idea of doing them up as a wiki, but abandoned that since my favorite wiki engine is getting more and more difficult to configure. So these pages shall wait in their various stages of completion until I get my current project, Monade, off the (alpha) ground. smile

My PhD studies in Cognitive Science at Carleton University, Ottawa, ON Canada are left behind. I still watch and help my co-workers as they use various tools (both virtual and real), thus gathering data for my applications and refining the MonDoc principles. However, the actual job of distilling the principles into a consistently modular pattern language, with abstraction/application level-bounds well defined... will have to wait for me to find the proper frame of mind and build the right tool. Or for someone else to come out with something similar. smile

Though there's not much development posted on this site yet, the few people who help me test MonDoc-related projects or my site in general, should go here first; the good news is that I am about to concentrate my spare time on building my Monade project.

Why is the Monicsoft site about its owner rather than about the company?
On May 13, 2005, Monicsoft became a registered business in Canada, and these pages were about to change. However, that didn't pan out (my goals and my ex-wife's goals seemed at the beginning to go the same way, but they turned out irreconciliably different, which led to our separation and my focusing on mental rather than material life). So I'm still keeping only my personal pages here.

Drop me a line if you have a comment about my pages or their content. I like to hear other people's opinions, so the little note (Send me a note.) under Arthur, present on every page and shaped like a yellow note page with a blue tack stuck in it is a quick email link. .