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As of May 13, 2005, Monicsoft is back in business, this time in Canada. However, it will take a bit until the web area develops, so for now, this is still mostly made up of Radu's home pages

Fri, Jun2, 2006: OK, so this lasted for less than a year (May-November 2006), and I didn't even have time to work on these pages. The small business will stay around, but not as my main source of income. When my personal life will get settled, maybe I can give this another try.

What to expect here:

  • About: description of Monicsoft and our business philosophy
  • Services: dynamic list of offered services, complete with an estimate price, updated as you add and remove tasks, modules and (sub)projects
  • Feedback: area where development will be prototyped and where you can add/remove/reschedule/prioritize tasks and play with work in progress
  • Gallery: place where you can see previous projects we worked on
  • Resources: recommended software, hardware and other wares smile, as well as tutorials on various topics, and pointers to web-available tutorials

  • [ Current Projects ][ Portfolio ][ Pastime ][ Pseudonyms ][ CV ]