Radu Luchian(ov): Pastime: Commentary
About social order

Normally I don't get involved in political debate. Because I noticed that my opinion never mattered much anyway. But recently, several Netizens managed to light a spark of hope in me with their optimistic views on democracy. (e.g.)

Of course, for some people, the only choices they know about are ambiguous definitions of:

anarchy, aristocracy, dictatorship (aka. totalitarianism, autarchy), communism, capitalism, democracy.

Given this choice, is it a wonder that most people choose democracy? What I find interesting is that most people choose even a small amount of control over their destiny if they can get to control others (democracy), rather than no control over others and maximum control over oneself... (Anarchy, Love, etc...)

So let's identify the spectrum of possibilities, both external and internal (from the least to the most desirable for me, in my understanding, along an n-dimensional metric a tad difficult to communicate right now smile):

Anarchy, Militarism, Slavery, Theocracy, Autarchy, Aristocracy, Gerontocracy, Taoism, (Democracy), Capitalism, Technocracy, Stoicism, Buddhism, (Communism), Confucianism, un-enforced autocracy, (Harmony), (Love).

I wrote these off the top of my head, prompted by an online discussion, but there may be others, and I plan to nail down some definitions of every one I can get, but now I gotta go have a bath. G'night.


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