Radu Luchian(ov): Pastime: Commentary
MonDoc as a Post-it engine

I seem to be at a loss any time I try to explain MonDoc to people
... so here's an analogy.

I bet you know about stickies. Or Post-its. The little bright-colored pieces of paper which have a bit of glue at one end and come in nice little stacks?

Nifty little tricks, aren't they?

So how does MonDoc relate to any of this? It is a modular relational database system with rendering. So one of the most useful 'objects' it can handle are post-it-like layout elements which I call "Panes". These float on top of a normal web page, can be moved around, can contain text, images or any other DHTML code one might want to add. Essentially they add to the browser the possibility to digitally shuffle pieces of 'paper' as one would do in the real world. With the added benefit that digital 'paper' can be more easily moved, stored, searched, edited, linked, automated, etc.

But stickies are mostly static layout elements. By themselves, they offer a lot to layout designers, but not much to functionality programmers. By placing active objects on panes, one can really transform a document into an interactive application or even a programming environment.

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