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- - = # Attack # = - -
(to Kalindra)

The spell that lay upon the glade
Where we kissed -- an orc broke up.
In my shield he found a gap,
Hacked straight through, and tried to steal her
From my lap.

That young dryad I had pursued
All day long and then at last
As a cantrip spell I cast
Her gaze fell and she was sued
Just as fast.

The fell beast was skilled in magic
More than me, and though it's moot
I knew orcs to be astute, 
Not pundit, and that proved tragic
For my suit

Kas, the dryad, was astounded
When she saw my ball of light
Shattered by the dangler's might
Up a tree her beauty faded
T'was her right!

Since I had consumed some manna
Back an hour, for the shield
I was weak for such a tilt
So I culled a leaf of canna
From the field.

As the orc was coming closer
I reviewed the spells I knew
For offensive I had few
As defense I had a doser
Full of dew

For a blink I saw him holding
A baguette in his foul hand
Red was the gem in the band
And that view filliped me to sing
To my wand.

He had plundered some old treasure
Just the ring he held was wise
He, as normal for his size
Was a goblin: noth' to measure
For a prize.

I caressed the leaf of canna
And I whispered what I thought.
His warhammer on the spot
Started shining. I blared: "Wanna
Meet me, sot?"

Kes was shimmering from the tree
Her moonlike eyes, were ours,
Ready to watch for hours
She was as prying as a bee
In flowers.

That moment off and I was blind:
The orc as dumb as can be
Once more threw his black shimmy
Tottering now in it to find
And crash me.

I could see him moving wildly
Around me as I drew back --
His death tool would only lack
Bells and jingles to be idly

That played well a bunch'o minutes
Till the leaf I held went dry
I was laughing -- tell me why! --
And I did forget my spell-knites
For the rye...

As the blow was just above me
Luckily, my trusty sword
Sent a thought: "Beware, mylord
There's a mass of power seamy
Coming forth!"

      *   *

"Check the time!" The dice are faster
"We can't finish, I'm afraid.
Get the map from where it's laid.
You have eighty points as caster"
Our Dungeon Master said.
Moon Steer, 1995