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Beside the entertaining value, I read this poem as a memento of the differences between people.

Just as Arghezi may have meant in this poem for his daughters, we take for granted a lot about other people, when in fact we don't know the first thing even about close friends... Most of the time we unconsciously supplement that lack of knowledge by projecting our own [thoughts, goals, needs, desires, feelings, etc.] on them.


by Tudor Arghezi
A spider like a big mole
Stumbles long on six hair stakes
Barely seen and he is whole
With his needs and with his aches

Coming from his daily work,
Speeds along with hurry's lot.
Waiting's hanging from a cork,
Up, his house on ceiling wrought.

Doesn't see me, doesn't dig me,
Doesn't know me anyway,
Why am I so large and seemy?
Why is he so small away?

translated by Moon Steer, March 2002


de Tudor Arghezi
Un păianjen ca un neg,        
Umblă lung in șase peri,      
Abia-l vezi și e întreg       
Cu nevoi și cu dureri.        

Vine de la munca lui,
Nu se-nșală de picior.
Îl asteaptă, colo-n cui,
Casa prinsă de urcior.

Nu ma vede, nu ma are,
Nu ma știe de nimic,
De ce-oi fi atat de mare?
De ce-i el atat de mic?