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Monicsoft Price list

I hope it's obvious this is just a prototype :) Until I get this system up and going, please send your request by email using the form below as guideline.

... a Flash version of this page was also in the works, and then Flash went the way of the dodo... HTML5 will do.
... bring our expertise in multimedia, web design and cognitive modelling to bear on your business or in your hobby...
... we provide customized, user-centered products in a wide area of digital media...
... you have control on the design process and pay only for what you need...
... for ready-made products, see this page...

Please keep in mind that what you see on this page, our pre-negotiation prices change often; they go up if we're busy with current projects, or down as we automatise parts of the design process. Once we have a contract, of course, the price (in Canadian dollars), for your project is fixed.

Currently our prices are LOW, so it's a good time to start a project.

Build a request for price-quote

Who are you? (please enter data for the person in your company who's going to be our contact for this project)
Return customer: OR new customer:
Name: ; Company: ; Email: .

How are you going to use the product you're asking us to make?
... for Other, tell us how:

Tell us what you need from the services we offer:
, , , , , or in any of these areas;
digital kiosk (for , or your product);
marketing content: , , , , ;
creation or processing of: , , , ;
If you don't find what you need in the list above, try choosing from these options:

Write a short preliminary description of the project:

Do you have material already developed for this project? (check here: if yes)
If yes, and it's available on-line, type its location below
(if it's available off-line, write below where and how we can get it):

In what currency do you expect to pay us? [list with conversion rates]
... for Other, type the two-letter Country code , currency name
and current exchange rate (from your currency to US-dollars)

-technology use
license from us (our logo is included in the user interface, we can market or resell the product to others)
buy the copyright for your product (our logo in credits and in code, you can resell or market the product to others)
buy all rights for your product (it's yours, no strings attached, we only include a description with a few snapshots in our portfolio)

-time frame (we stand by the schedules we establish!)
limited (you have a specific [set of] deadline[s] and we should work as fast as possible; you get reimbursed 10% of the cost of the delivery per each day it's late)
variable (it's OK if we blow a deadline or two, as long as we keep the deliveries within a week of the scheduled time; you get reimbursed 10% of the cost of the delivery per each week it's late)
lax (you're on a very tight budget and you don't mind if we do more urgent stuff before yours; still you should expect the deliveries within one month of the scheduled time)

-fail-safes in case of erroneous product shutdown (hacker attack, viruses, hardware failure)
low (it can go off-line for a week with no major repercursion)
medium (it can't stay off-line for more than a couple of days)
high (it can't stay off-line for more than a couple of hours)
absolute (it can't go off-line at all - we can't provide this yet)

Preview of the current request for analysis:
[list of chosen options and buttons to or each option]

Temptative price for this project:

(keep in mind that this is simply an orientative price tag; details may not be available at this time and the exchange rate may be different at the time the project ends; we expect to be paid in Canadian dollars, Romanian lei or Bulgarian leva; anything else should go through USD)
Romanian and Bulgarian clients can apply for project-based discounts.

-terms of payment
normally: half before, half on delivery

  • on long projects, we may set a more dispersed payment schedule
  • we're currently working at about 25% of capacity, so you should fit up to a medium-sized project in our schedule; for larger projects, you may offer for higher priority in scheduling
  • once the terms are established, they can't be re-negotiated for the duration of the project; your priority and delivery schedule are fixed

    If you listed all that's relevant for your project, (please click only once, even if it takes some time)
    For your own records, you can get a of the request.

    ... from here on, form chunks appear on notes, dynamically ...

    Overview of our development process (programming with the user in mind [find a good quote])

      Note: We don't charge you for the time we spend learning (any tools needed to complete your product or any custom applications with which the product we develop has to be integrated.)
    1. you fill in this form, or submit by email to radu@monicsoft.net a similar request for analysis;
    2. we analyse your request (FREE for now), and send back to you an itemized quote (request for contract form);
    3. you decide whether you like what you see and if so, send us the signed request for contract;
    4. we send you a copy of the contract, and we get to work;
    5. when we receive the pre-payment established in the contract, you get (a receipt and) access to our server;
    6. you check work in progress on our server, answer to our questions, send details and content as the project requires it;
    7. if necessary, you make notes on-line on the contract for features to be included in subsequent contracts;
    8. when the terms of the current contract are met, you send the rest of the payment and pick up the product, or:
    9. if the contract includes administration, we install and service the product;
      Tip: to ensure that the product is easy to use and fit for its purpose, include some of our usability research options.

    done by us (all templates OKed by client)
    suggested by client and refined/implemented by us
    strictly specified by client

    done by us (based on specifications from the client)
    done by the client (with format conversion on our side)
    done completely by the client, using templates done by us

    -browsers targeted IE5 and up, IE4-5, NS3, Opera, everything, including Lynx, cellular phones

    -platforms targeted Win3.x, Win9x, MacOS5-6, MacOS7-9, Win9x AND MacOS7-9, Linux, cellular phones

    -text processing
    Short description
    format conversion
    typing content: (pay-per-hour or pay-per-thousand-words)

    -image processing
    Short description
    raster (.jpg, .gif, .tiff, .bmp)
    2D vectors (.eps, .ai)
    3D vectors (.wrl text or binary; .br3, .3ds, .dxf)

      wireframe, shading or texturing
      animation (pay-per-hour or pay-per-frame)
    No idea (help me choose)

    -sound processing
    Short description
    source: MIDI or waveform (.au, .wav)
    marked with time-labels (Win9x:CoolEdit, MacOS:SoundEdit or )
    normal, compressed (.mp2, .mp3, .ogg) or streaming-compressed (.wmf, .ra)
    No idea (help me choose)

    -Web design
    Short description
    static pages (HTML)
    client-side dynamic pages (DHTML: HTML, JavaScript, CSS)
    server-side dynamic pages (PHP+HTML)
    No idea (help me choose)

    -database design
    Short description
    flat tables, RDBMS, expert RDBMS;
    with multimedia User Interface
    Do you already have a database server? Do we help you choose a server?

    -stand-alone application
    Short description
    Simple, browser-based, server-based or command-prompt
    (any combination of DHTML, javaScript, PHP, perl, sunJava, C++, TurboPascal, shell script)
    Win32 (sunJava, Delphi, C++ with MFC, VisualBasic)
    Cross-platform (TCL/Tk, sunJava)
    Other (suggest )
    No idea (help me choose)

    -stand-alone multimedia presentation
    Short description
    Simple, browser-based (javaScript with Gif animations)
    Flash animation
    Director executable
    No idea (help me choose)

    -[management] information system (IS or MIS)
    Short description
    intranet: localized (same building) or distributed (offices around the world)
    interface: Web-based, multimedia-based (Flash or Director executable), specialized database (PowerBuilder executable);
    language(s): monolingual, multilingual (different parts in different languages), cross-lingual (same parts in multiple languages);
    No idea (why would I need this?)

    -expert system design
    Short description
    courseware (expert tutor)
    topic-specific knowledge base
    domain-spacific decision-making support
    automatic translation between predefined languages (optionally with learning capacity)

    -design of game module
    Short description
    dynamic or randomised mapping
    Non-Playing Character Artificial Intelligence (NPC decision-making strategies)
    natural language (text-based) parsers/generators (with fixed vocabularies or with learning)
    text-based MUD engine

    -usability research
    Do not dismiss the need for analysis in building any project, be it a web site or any other type of user interface.
    project requirements analysis
    market research for specific product or hardware/software package
    user needs analysis
    task analysis
    cognitive walkthrough with a small sample of target-users
    confirmation study with a larger sample
    post-production monitoring of user-product interaction (web log analysis)

    "Give them a bread and you'll keep them satiated for one day; teach them how to make bread and they'll keep themselves satiated indefinitely."
    self-study pointers and exercises with correct results
    discussion on topic/answer questions
    collaboration contract (consulting/training on client's project)