Context: Redmoon players discussion. Moon Steer replying to a friend's message.

here to return whence you came to this page :)


So you noticed I'm not playing Moste so much anymore... :)

Actually, I'm raising a Philar: Gedd, and a Destino: Sunnit. Look me up if you come on-line. So, sorry, my job doesn't let me play much :)

And I don't like to use other people's chars anyway. It's like wearing their underware (yukk!) :p

On the hack point, I know of 5 theoretical ways to hack RedMoon. But, I don't see the point in such a simple hack, and I lately lost contact with the hackommunity. Crazy people shout in-game from time to time about crack sites, if you're really interested. I'm not. What's the reason to speed hack, anyway?
- To see areas you can't reach now? If that's why you play, it'll get boring fast. Try non-consistent worlds, like Diablo.
- To be able to PK? Now that's mean. I don't like it when it hapens to me and so I won't do it to other ppl.
- To get more money/skills/change colors? I find the game balanced pretty well (though on the slow side for individuals), and about colors... I really think that changing your established persona is a bummer when it comes to the principles of RPG.
- To reach the end of the game faster? Now why would you do that???Why play, if you aim to end it?
- Really, the best feature of games like RedMoon is the social interaction. To me it doesn't matter that I'm a weakling when I can find people who can watch my back or shoot for me while I watch theirs and with whom I can have a decent conversation on the side.

Sorry to bother you with my blather, but I thought I'd let you know where I stand.
Take care. Don't get your account deleted.

--- From Another Player ---
> if your not playing that much with your char...lev up my char..don't
> steal money from bank ;) i'll giv eyou 1 mil later....ur the only guy i
> come on lev me up...btw do you know where i can get speed hack?
> name: &^$*&^$@#&
> pass: &^$*$%#&
> aiight lev me up dood...i don't use gun anymore....that's why i need
> help...cause i suck bad.....thanks