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Web Adventurer's Role-Playing engine

If you're interested in developing around WARPe or in using any of it's applications, you may subscribe to my link outsupport list. There you can ask questions, check FAQ files, etc.

Thw WARPe logoWARPe is simply a safer, faster, more customizable solution for RPG, adventure and strategy fans. Read the alternatives which I tried and got disappointed with, then see the characteristics of my dream engine:

Customizable. Based on the MonDoc platform, WARPe is essentially free (but I do suggest that if you're an end user, you reimburse the game developers for their effort)

Adventure: for me, any virtual world is only the background setting for a good session of storytelling. This is why WARPe is as flexible as possible; to paraphrase the OuterLimits motto, "we can take you to thousands of virtual realities full of magics, religions and technologies or expand a single virtual world to crystal reality".

  • It's all about imagination! Create freely scripted stories; use any world you imagine, inhabited by whatever you imagine, however you imagine it, and move to any other available world, including real life.
  • As a planeswalker, you can be whatever you want, do whatever you imagine (including die, chat away, make good use of your inventory, automated routing and reality shifting); and you can also keep track of it all.

    rendering, zoom in on the maps/dungeons, arbitrary number of windows, peer-to-peer, variable update rate, IP information, security

  • cheating IS possible;

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    Alternatives I tried: