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Cognitive Science

"What is my field of study? Knowledge, of course..."
-- Robert Heinlein: To Sail Beyond the Sunset

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I'm into CogSci - and everything else I do - for what I am learning, not for the grades or a career. See the bottom of this page for my plans, and this page for my PhD research plan.

About me: I'm half way through my third year of the link outCogSci Ph.D program at Carleton University. I joined this program hoping to continue my research in human and automated learning, knowledge engineering and human-computer interaction. My goal right now is to bring these three research interests to realization in one of the areas where they intersect: intelligent interfaces (that is, self-optimizing IDEs, electronic tutors/textbooks or [storage,context,time-]optimized knowledge repositories) My background is rather diverse, since I spent lots of time dabbling in Internet technologies, DTP and Multimedia, Anthropology, Archaeology, Simultaneous and Protocol-based Translation and a smattering of Computer Science theory, [micro]Electronics, Solid Mechanics (with specific applications in Mechanical and Construction Engineering), Physics and Organic Chemistry (the latter two I hope to study more). I hope to find in Cognitive Science the tools to allow me (and anyone else), to access a knowledge horizon wider and more integrated than the average unaided human mind can afford. It may be obvious already that I'm interested in too many things to list here, so click here for a more detailed list of my interests.

  • My favourite Cognitive Scientist is Douglas Hofstadter.
  • My favourite Cognitive Science saying/axiom/truism is "Follow your bliss" - Joseph Campbell filtered it from a lifetime of researching the human mind through its most consistent end-products: archetypes.

    In my opinion, the single most pressing question in Cognitive Science today is the terminological one: convergence in the description of phenomena which would lead to better communication among specialists. But because of the complex interdependencies among the problems our multi-discipline field addresses there's an abundance of paradoxes to avoid and vicious circles to break. There are several challenges on which I'd love to see some real advance:

  • applications of the many KR theories in communication and collaboration,
  • a better understanding of the re-routing commonly called 'brain plasticity',
  • the neurological bases of the associative memory mechanisms,
  • coherent and directed signal filtering,
  • a really scalable model for (human) categorization...

    If I'd have to single out one adjective to describe Cognitive Science, it would be "undefined". There are as many approaches as there are cognitive scientists.

    If you use any of this in your research, please: either give me credit specifically, in-text, or use the commercial route

    some Posters&Presentations:

    For CogSci or CHI projects still on the drawing board, please see my list of current ones. My other portfolios available now are: Generic, WebDesign and Programming.

    Some record of my CogSci dabbling that's really accessible now is in some of my on-line commentary pages.

    At Carleton there was no research position that I could find (maybe I don't understand their system), so I was stuck with TAing 23.100. I also TAed link out95.307 (Scheme and Prolog).

    Only two on-line experiments till now:

  • Testing MonDoc (HF/HCI 49.480M)
  • 4th assignment (HF/HCI49.480M)

    Here are my Carleton papers, in the order I write them:

    I was a technical/research assistant in the NBU link outCOGS Research Lab and now I moderate its link outdiscussion group.

    Two on-line experiments:

    Here are my NBU papers, in the order I wrote them:

  • ...epistemology...(COG423)
  • ...analogy...(COG501)

    Papers'n stuff I wrote @ AUBG (not much CogSci there, but lots of Anthropology, Computer Science and a general liberal arts curriculum).

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