Radu Luchian(ov):
Current Projects

Here's a list of things I currently have on the drawing board. My problem is that ideas keep flowing in, I write them down and don't get the time to develop them. For the last 20 years I've neglected this list... chasing rainbows in the hope for good relationships in work and personal life.
I've been advised to take projects one at a time, so this list reflects my priorities too :)

This page is in need of much editing. Many of the projects below have changed, but they are all waiting for a more integrated architecture for this web site. Until then...

For projects already finished (or abandoned :), please see my portfolio.

My opinion is that information is supposed to be free. My work is either research or personal projects, so I provide it free of charge. I keep the copyright, though, so anyone who's using any of my tools is kindly asked to click here to tell me about it, and to make a visible reference to these pages somewhere in their work.