Radu Luchian(ov):
Current Projects

Except for our new baby (who's taking up unbelievable amounts of time), here's a list of things I currently have on the drawing board. My problem is that ideas keep flowing in and I don't get the time to develop them. I've been advised to take projects one at a time, so this list reflects my priorities too :)

This page is in need of much editing. Many of the projects below have changed, but they are all waiting for a more integrated architecture for this web site. Until then...

  • MonDoc (document engine; Computer and Cognitive Science theory),
  • Monade (authorware; fast-prototyping tool),
  • MonTaGe (groupware; fast-prototyping tool) <-- MonDoc application,
  • my PhD plan ( CogSci research),
  • MonNoteOnyx (groupware) <-- MonDoc application,
  • HomePageScripts (client-side web engine) <-- MonDoc application,
  • HYMNS (web authorware; fast-prototyping tool) <-- MonDoc application,
  • Na2foLa (text/voice analysis),
  • WARPe (game engine) <-- MonNoteOnyx application,
  • ACT-Rit (authorware) <-- MonDoc application,
  • MneMonic (cognitive architecture),
  • FonTool (text conversion/analysis) <-- MonDoc application,
  • Office System (groupware) <-- MonNoteOnyx application,
  • MoCaSyn (backup tool) <-- MonDoc application,
  • BMC FAQs (groupware, knowledge base) <-- HomePageScripts application,

    For projects already finished (or abandoned :), please see my portfolio.

    My opinion is that information is supposed to be free. My work is either research or personal projects, so I provide it free of charge. I keep the copyright, though, so anyone who's using any of my tools is kindly asked to click here to tell me about it, and to make a visible reference to these pages somewhere in their work.