If there's nothing written above, your browser doesn't support JavaScript.
Sorry, mate, upgrade your browser :)

A bit of explanation: there are horrendously many browsers out there if you count their versions too. Every one of them implements a variety of HTML tags, CSS attributes and javaScript object models. So much for standardization... Being the portable easy tool it's planned to be, MonDoc should adapt to this chaotic environment, detect the peculiarities of each of these browsers and behave accordingly. The first lines of this document outline the variables I use right now to influence MonDoc activity. They show what your browser is on the inside.

That's the reason why I'm asking you to send these lines to me (every time you start using a new browser or you upgade your current ones), before reporting any problems, so I can work out the versioning. It may be a good idea when you report a bug to take a screenshot of the browser with the problem and send that over to me as an attachment. (To make a snapshot, on the PC:
- press Alt-PrintScreen (Alt-PrtSc, that is, keep the Alt key pressed as you press the PrtSc key, located at the top right of the keyboard),
- open a Word document and Paste.
If you paste in an image editing program, like Photoshop, you can save it as jpg (JPEG), to save bandwidth)

Temporary note: Until I have a working alpha of the MonDoc engine, I don't plan on being very strict with the versioning. I want to see it work on my computer first (where I have IE5.5 with the latest patches and Netscape 4.7)