Radu Luchian(ov): Projects:

a.k.a HYMNS font tool v0.1 (alpha)
A freeware tool from Monicsoft(c)1999-2002

Why did I create a new tool for treating language problems on-line? Because I got tired of the bad implementation of the Romanian script under Windows - and the lack thereof (as far as I could find, but I didn't dig too deep), under MacOS or Unix. So I adapted the bitmap font creation tool that I made oh-so-many-years ago, in highschool for my 8-bit home computer , added a bit of MonDoc functionality, and here's Fontool!

Included are fixed and variable width fonts to be used in creating Romanian Web pages, as well as a perl script that 'fixes' HTML documents written with these fonts so that they display well on any system, with any browser that displays images.

This tool dynamically renders any text into the chosen font, while leaving the parts of the text not available in the chosen render database as they were... Indeed obsolete for many languages, but it still works for syllabaries (like link outCree).

  • For browsers that understand JavaScript, use this page as a Cree test.
  • For other browsers, I wrote a simple perl script that uses a conversion set (font+codemap), to parse and render any text into a web page with the chosen database... You can use specific fonts in any Word document (or any text or word processor that can use TTFonts), then export these documents as HTML (or plain text) and run the 'font2gif.pl' script on those files. Provided, of course that you have at least one set of images to work with that specific font, and a tab-separated conversion codemap (ASCII or Unicode to 'gif'.)

    Besides the Romanian fonts I made, there's also a Cyrillic conversion set, (rename keys.map->ro.map and cyrpho.txt->keys.map) for Bulgarian, Russian, etc. sites, or you can extend the file keys.map to include any symbols you may need to use on your site. The replacing mechanism is [darn simple and] pretty transparent for any perl programmer. My converter ignores HTML tags, converts plain text and any strings from a set of HTML attributes specified in a short array at the beginning of the script.
    The Cyrillic fonts were exported and optimized by link outIrena Georgieva.

    Font sets:
    variable: Times New Roman Romn
    1 cr16t: 16pt, 22px high used for Normal text
    variable: Times New Roman Romn
    1 ro16t: 16pt, 20px high used for Normal text
    2 ro16tb: same, but bold
    3 ro16ti: same as 1, but italics
    fixed: Courier
    1 ro16c: 16pt, 20px high used for Comment text
    2 ro16cb: same, but bold
    3 ro16ci: same as 1, but italics

    Version history:
    v0.2 (beta) - TNR and Courier, with bold and italics versions
    v0.1 (alpha) - one font (ro16t), for testing purposes.