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hymn (him) n.
     1. A song of praise or thanksgiving to God or a deity.
     2. A song of praise or joy; a paean.
           v. -hymned, hymning, hymns
     -tr. to praise, glorify or worship in or as if in a hymn.
     -intr. to sing hymns
                           The American Heritage Dictionary

| Background story | Old version
Currently, HYMNS is a web area editor written on top of my MonDoc engine. It's a MonDocument itself, used to build other MonDocuments.

I will build this page as I have the time. Most of the efforts I can put in this project should go toward developing the tool; since documentation is part of the tool itself, I will make this page point to a live version of HYMNS, once I make a stable cross-browser version. At home, for my own use I keep several files which I should combine into one... some time soon smile. Till then, you can check the docs of the old version (see the link above). It's still pretty accurate, with the exception that I no longer plan to develop MONS. I've lost the train for that, and there are several projects out there (including the one I'm using, PHP), who do that kind of thing.

The main reason I brought these pages up is because I keep mentioning HYMNS in my site and while discussing MonDoc and people ask me what HYMNS is. I had even forgotten what the accronym stands for.

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