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This page is mostly as it was in 2009. Like many other pages, it may sound in part outdated. To be edited little by little when I have time.
monad ('mO-"nad) n.
Etymology: Late Latin monad-, monas, from Greek, from monos
Date: 1615
  1a: UNIT, ONE
   b: ATOM 1
   c: an elementary individual substance which
      reflects the order of the world and from
      which material properties are derived
  2: a flagellated protozoan (as of the genus Monas)
                           The Webster Dictionary Online

Modular, Object-Neutral Actively Dynamic Editor.
This is planned to become an all-purpose editor implemented directly on top of the MonDoc engine. It will contain the root functionality for editing document parts and accessing them. Specific libraries will transform Monade into various application-specific editors (in various stages of design I have: HYMNS, ACT-Rit, MonTaGe, MonNoteOnyx as well as visual-programming-based functionality as part of MonadVE)

Why reinvent the wheel?
There are many document editors out there. There are many types of documents. There are guidelines for document creation, alarmingly increasing in number and overlapping in content. Every now and then I get the question: why do it yet again? And here's the answer: computers were developped in order to help with data storage, processing and distribution, to decrease the amount of work and complexity involved in various human activities, moving said complexity from the user side to the computer side of things. But the mad drive of developers (and marketing teams) to cover all the bases, all possible uses with one single software solution (think Microsoft), coupled with the opposite drive, to create tools that serve one unique purpose, thus coming up with thousands of individual tools (think Unix), have led to the current situation: people are more and more afraid of having to use computers. Of course, there are other factors involved in the fear of hi-tech, but Monade is limited only to the purpose of handling the structure, complexity and presentation of data.

Why Monade?
For the longest time I was piling up too much functionality on my MonDoc project. So much so that it was becoming impossible to explain what I was doing. So I separated the theoretical and computer-oriented functionality (MonDoc) from the user-oriented functionality (MonEd, now renamed as Monade).

If you're interested in its development, please let me know at radu@monicsoft.net

Version information

My document editor (Monade), and the document engine (MonDoc) are still in alpha testing - not yet released for the world to play with.
Version notes are in chronological order 'cos it makes more sense:

My work on MonDoc started as I was working on a client-side version of my first Web editing tool (HYMNS), so it inherited from there the page-rendering idea. (which I had come up with long before, in highschool, when I wrote Stylus, followed by many other proto-Mondoc versions.)
v0.01 , v0.02 , v0.03 , v0.04 , v0.1x , v0.2x , v0.30 , v0.4x

current version: 0.45a, though I have projects which use various previous versions
under development: 0.46a