Radu Luchian(ov): Projects:
Psychology Comp
CWA: MonTaGe

Welcome to the prototype of MonTaGe: Radu's project in Cognitive Work Analysis. A CWA tool for writing and presenting the documentation throughout all phases of a project (planning, design, execution). The system specification for MonTaGe was done during my Psychology Comp, but is waiting to be implemented during my Computer Science Comp.

"In a dynamic environment, appropriate support cannot be based on tools suitable for stable, preplanned tasks. An exploration of the ends and means, opportunities and constraints present in a work situation is necessary for adapting to new requirements. Thus an information system that presents users with a complex, rich information context for direct perception [...], will be very effective for natural decision-making." Rasmussen 1994, p.128, going all ecological :)

CWA is great and all (better than any CTA method I'm aware of), but it tends to generate loads and loads of documentation. The Monitoring Task Generation (MonTaGe) is planned to be an easy-to-use, text-oriented data management system, an application of my quest for the Graal of document processors.

Until I manage to implement MonTaGe, here's the last version of the paper I wrote on it.

If you're interested in its development, please let me know at radu@monicsoft.net