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About MoStaCon

Have you ever run an experiment? Any sort of experiment, something in which you gather data on the behavior of some system in order to build a theory or check the validity of an existing one. If you have, you must have reached a moment when you had to do something to the data which invlved tedious and repetitive operations: coding, recoding, sorting, sampling, filtering, swapping variables, modifying values, etc. Most of the time some assistant (student and/or employee) winds up doing the 'dirty work'.

That's when MoStaCon can help. It allows you to summarize in a formal way the operations you have to perform on the data, then it takes your raw data and does those operations quickly and without the error involved in human handling. If the paradigm under which you're researching is already programmed into MoStaCon, the system walks you through the process of designing your experiment, formatting the data, calculating statistics and it warns you of design errors or wrong data; it even answers your final experimental questions.

If you're interested in using MoStaCon or developing around it, you may subscribe to my support list. There you can ask questions, check FAQ files, etc.

The architecture of the system is modular, so if you don't find the procedure or the filter you need, you can ask a programmer who knows perl to add it, or you can send me a message explaining what you need, and if I have the time, I may implement it myself. In case you extend the system, it would be nice to send me a copy of the extension so I can put it here for everyone's use.

In the following checklist I included all troubleshooting necessary; if you follow this checklist and you still find something that doesn't work as it is supposed to, please drop me a line (e-mail radu@monicsoft.net.)

After you learn to use MoStaCon, the only steps you'll have to remember are:

  • design your experiment;(to be developed)
  • prepare a filter (or copy an existing one, which you already prepared for an similar set of data and preformatting/formatting/analysis);
  • check the script description file for errors;
  • make sure your computer has perl correctly installed;
  • verify all input files for possible errors;
  • run your script and watch the execution report;
  • check the output files for obvious errors;
  • optionally run some of the data files through some (other) statistical package;
  • draw your conclusions;
  • optionally write a paper or a book chapter :) - in this case (please) include somewhere a reference to MoStaCon, like
    "The data for this analysis was formatted with MoStaCon (FREE at http://www.nbu.bg/cogs/personal/radu/proj/msc/.)" OR
    "The data for this analysis was formatted and analysed with MoStaCon (FREE at http://www.nbu.bg/cogs/personal/radu/proj/msc/.)"