Radu Luchian(ov): Projects: CogSci
PhD Research Plan

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I am still considering this plan in relation with my original dissertation proposal.

(for more information on all this, see my current dissertation proposal)

When it comes to study, I am a utilitarian realist and I'm painfully aware of my cognitive limitations. This is why I am studying Cognitive Science. In order to improve my own [memory, decision-making, attitude, etc.], I have to know how human learning works. The best formal approach (that I could find), to that sort of enquiry is Cognitive Modeling. My goal in researching, though, is not knowledge in itself, but the application of that knowledge in physical or abstract cognitively efficient tools. See my research interests, as outlined in my application to the Carleton University Ph.D program.

Unfortunately my interests are too broad and spread over a large set of domains (life's interesting because it's diverse). But I have to keep a realistic target:

I am in this CogSci program for its practical applications, not for an academic career. So I shall make my dissertation topic choice based on that. I will concentrate on MonDoc (the set of principles which outline my own approach to communication), and the applications thereof.

That does not mean that I don't see the place for theory. Not at all. Theoretical work is supposed to lead to practical realization. By themselves any of the two are doomed do fail one way or another.

So here's my PhD plan (contingent on approval by my supervisor):

(for more information on all this, see my current dissertation proposal)

Other courses I'm still looking forward to:

Here's a couple of words about my Comps (all directed toward what I'm interested in).

I hope this whole page makes it clear that I'll work interdisciplinary :) I'm hoping to get

... and maybe

So in the commitee we may have any combination of:

For the external examiner(s), we may pick