Radu Luchian(ov)*:
Name and Pseudonyms

Throughout this web area and in my work and 'free time' activities I generally use two pseudonyms: Monicsoft and MoonSteer. In general, I use the Monicsoft name in technical contexts and the MoonSteer name in artistic contexts.

Radu Luchian is the name I should 'wear' in reality. My father's family (Luchian) fled Chishinãu just before the Russians took over Basarabia after WWII. During the Allied bombardments of Bucharest, all his documents were destroyed and they had to appeal to the freshly changed authorities in the Moldavian Republic for duplicates. The appeal followed bureaucratic channels to Moscow, and when the papers were sent over, the slavic possessive suffix, 'ov' was attached to the name. I'm in the (slow) process of rectifying that error, so for the time being I keep the (ov) after my surname. I have here a copy of a diploma of my Dad's with the right name on it. For more about me see here.

MonDoc logo: Icarus fallingMonicsoft (Mon Icarien Soft), came into existence in 1984 because I needed a working pseudonym for my first BASIC programs. All I had then in mind was flying (like Amelia Erhart, who's biographical movie impressed me a lot), reading science-fiction, and how to make an electronic security system for my home. On the Romanian TV they were running a science popularization series; the main attraction was "Your Future House": a complete computerized home system. So I started researching on it... Some brochure whispered to me on a very convincing tone that people who want to learn about computers should start with BASIC. That I did... Got a thick book on the BASIC implementation for a Romanian Home Computer and started writing... GAMES. With cats and mice, with canons and "Invaders", imitating the video games I had seen in game halls... All on paper, with a pencil. No coding, no flow-chart or top-down design, NO COMPUTER. Mom was impressed and took me to the hospital where she was working; they had purchased some PDP clones for the medical database. They gave me my first account so I can try out my BASIC skills. Then I went to highschool and that same year, the school purchased some Home Computers. And joined the newly formed Computer Club. The professor asked me to implement my "games", and (with a few syntax changes) they worked! (find here more programming stuff I did since then.) The closest Monicsoft got to becoming official was when I finished highschool and decided to start a small business (Monicsoft C&L SRL) together with a friend and classmate (hi, Silviu!). We were offering consulting services and hardware and software solutions. Some LED-panels for scrolling ads, some wind-pressure sensors (for monitoring the environmental data on some tall buildings), with the software to use them (Z80 Assembler drivers and Basic programs for the user interfaces). But then I was accepted to AUBG and the firm had to dissolve... I'm about to start a new venture, offering Internet and Intranet services this time.

Icarus, the son of Daedalus in Greek mythology was the youngster who disobeyed his father's warning not to soar close to the Sun when they escaped the Minos Labyrinth on wings fashioned by Daedalus from wax, wood and feathers. Icarus' wings melted and he fell and drowned in the sea. For me, Monicsoft stands for the idea that the way to progress is through continuous failure. In doing Science we continuously approximate the laws of Nature. We have to keep an open mind for evidence and be ready to modify our theories accordingly.

If the many failures in my life are any indication, I'd say I'm progressing pretty rapidly :)

Here's more about me.

Related, not that I compare myself with Mozart's genius, but because I also like to play with names, signatures and pseudonyms.
When Mozart's wedding registry was unearthed from Vienna's St. Stephen Cathedral early in the 20th century, it listed his name as Wolfgang Adam, not Amadeus or Amade. Most historians dismissed the entry as a misspelling or private joke, but biographer Maynard Solomon suggests that Mozart's use of Adam provides a rare glimpse inside one of history's great artistic minds: Adam is the Bible's first man, whom God makes master of earthly things; Mozart, on his wedding day, became master of his own domain, finally shrugging off the control of his devoted but domineering father. <>From the time Mozart emerged as a musical prodigy at the age of four or five, he was the family breadwinner. His father, Leopold, guided his musical development and arranged performances throughout Europe. Their relationship was complex.Mozart desperately sought his father's approval, but chafed under his authoritarian thumb. Leopold Mozart nurtured his beloved son's genius, but dreaded "losing" him to adulthood. Unwilling to be "replaced" by a wife, he sought to undermine his son's romances and disapproved of his 1782 marriage. Mozart's wedding-registry entry could have been a private assertion of personal freedom.

Because Mozart listed his middle name as Adam on another wedding-related document, it seems unlikely to be a simple misspelling. However, he could have been goofing around. Mozart loved to play with language and names. His letters are full of puns and wordplay, and some are written in code. He sometimes jokingly signed letters De Mozartini or Mozarti. He also toyed with spellings of his middle name, using Amade, Amadi, and Amadeus (translated versions of the Greek name his parents actually gave him, Theophilus). But Mozart did not take marriage lightly; for him it marked a transition into an adult world where he controlled his own destiny--much the way Adam controlled the destiny of Eden and mankind.

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