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The best part of my family life is our kid.
Today I found this little essay in a Romanian newspaper which I liked a lot and I'll translate down here. I copy the formatting from the article, and I add my own emphasis, through words in bold-face. The original communicated the emphasis through language inflexions that I can feel as a native speaker, but cannot make sure to translate well. Of course, the words below are sieved through my own interpretation as a reader; I can't be sure I'll render the original thoughts of the author.

Family: the Third Wave
by Carmen Petcu

The families of the First Wave were formed through Love. Bound to nature by the earth they were working, bound to the simple shapes of life, people had feelings similar to the things among which they lived: basic. A young man inlove romantically whisked away his loved one. They were running away in the world and both thought that noting is better than tying a ripped shirt back together, or eating the bread crumb they could wrest from nature, and to put brick over brick, building, after long years of work, a house.

The people of the First Wave married out of Love, because they were conscious of their body.

The people of the Second Wave were the people of grandious industry. Among furnace towers, cranes and metal benders they were dreaming of building their world on the vertical axis. And dreaming to fulfill their economic plans. They were trusting in the fact that the economy needs them, and proud that the state includes them in a great plan. For them, the family was "the basic unit of a society" that they wanted to be better than what they had. They were loving each other for their ideas, sometimes daring and utopic maybe, loving each other for the power of the mind they were discovering they have.

The people of the Second Wave had the consciousness of their intelect.

The people of the Third Wave are the minions of the laptop, of the computers and mathematical media between the social status and the yearly income. They make up virtual families too often based on easily convertible currency. They live in a "global village", but they're separated by the harder borders of an economic world. Their "values" tend to be the ones currently high on the stock market. Their children appear in a planned fashion, so that (God forbid!) a new life doesn't appear at the wrong moment to disturb a well-established professional goal.

The people of the Third Wave have the consciousness of their wealth.

I wonder how many other waves will come, or how many will pass until the family returns to its biblical roots: two people conscious of their own bodies who, well aware of the risk of falling from Paradise to Earth, love each other for their intelect and refuse to taste the temptations of a Wave of transactions which involve their own lives.

My heartfelt thanks to the author for placing in words some feelings I kept having without realizing, and to the Romanian Embassy to Canada for providing me the publication in which I found this gem.

But as various philosophers keep writing, the most difficult thing to do for people who know the traps of life, finding that Golden Path of the Balanced Middle is the most difficult life-long endeavor. After all, our choices and priorities of body, intelect and power are what define us as individuals.

MoonSteer, Jun25,2002

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