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MoStaCon filter creator page started on: 25May1999; modified on: 05Jun2000

Configurable tool for experiment data formatting and basic statistics....version 0.20 alpha

Notes for first-time users:

  • Please use Internet Explorer 5 or higher; I don't have time now to deal with Netscape compatibility :( (temporary, until I finish MoStaCon and it goes beta)
  • The modules not yet developed are preceded by a pound sign(#) in the pop-down lists; if added to the filter, they appear as comments. (due to the modular nature of MoStaCon, this will continue indefinitely - there's no end to what can be added :)
  • Some of the existing modules may give a 'MSC debug:' answer instead of performing; (this is a 'live' version, updated almost daily and I prefer this solution to crashes ;)
  • For a better view, maximize the browser window; if the current resolution of your monitor is less than 1024x768 and you can't increase it, you should use the reduced view.

    The purpose of this page is to build a data filter in this area:

    Start by choosing a short NAME for the filter: then,

  • DESCRIBE in few words what the filter should do (or where you plan to use it);
  • declare the names of the variables you're going to use: (coma-separated)
  • plan your ANALYSIS: ,
  • describe the DATA FILES you have, then
  • you may want to do additional analysis (use the ANALYSIS menu above), and finally
  • describe how you want your OUTPUT done.
  • In the meanwhile, at any stage, you may define your own CONSTANTS: or
  • add OTHER helpful lines.
  • If you suspect something is amiss with the results you get, use Verbose output.
  • And if you added a line to the script by mistake, you can it.

    The advanced user can use MoStaCon TOOLS: (use only if you read the instructions and you know what you're doing. Always backup convert.html before modifying it.)