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American University in Bulgaria

This is where I spent my first 5 years of western-style education, and where I muddled the Computer Science major from my BA degree. I came out only with a BA in Southeastern European Studies. I have here a list of papers I wrote and plays I was cast in, as well as a couple of Web projects I did during my time in AUBG. Still, the times were VERY interesting, made lots of friends and for all of it I have to thank George Soros.

Also here is the link outdiscussion group of the ARA (AUBG Romanian Alumni) organization.

Web projects (soon to be mirrored here, since the new look of the AUBG site steamrolled my projects out of existence):

  • Kamenska Chuka (presentation and interactive map of an archaeological excavation)
  • AUBG Tour (a multimedia tour of the University buildings and of the campus city -- Blagoevgrad)
  • AUBG Arts (log of three years of artistic expression at AUBG, including theater performances and student exhibitions of photo and painting)
  • BG-Bio (a project that was supposed to gather and present all manner of information pertinent to foreign investors interested in Bulgaria -- ran for a year, then it lost its funding)
  • link outTony Birch's site (a professor and friend of mine wanted an on-line presence)

    AUBG papers and theatre:

  • Parent vs. Friend (Research Paper. A comparative study of the roles of parent and friend and their influences on the development of social sense in the new generations) (SOC101: Intro to Sociology)
  • MneMonic Description (Senior Project)
  • AUB105: Moral Reasoning; Term Paper -> God is.[..];
  • PHI206: The Moral Life; Term Paper -> Hope: An instrument for Will and a support for Desire;
  • PHI297: Perception, Art and Truth; Project Paper -> Greek Cobble (an attempt to study the purpose of ART);
  • SES???: Comparative Mythologies; Project Paper -> Complexity of a God: Zalmoxis;
  • AUB102: Expository Writing; Research Paper -> Housing for Non-Perfect-Pink Children;
  • FAR198: Intro to Theatre; Part in a play -> Howie Newsom in 'Our Town' by Thornton Wilder;
  • OldMan's play: Out-of-class: Part in a play -> Gangsta in 'Toilet Paper' by Gueorgui Iliev
  • FAR197: Postmodern Production; Part(s?) in a play -> Something is on the way out and something else is painfully being born;
  • HTY401: Nationalism; Research Paper -> Nationalism in Moldova: Romanian or Russian?;
  • SES497a: Early Christianity; Project Paper -> Christianization of the Romanian territories;

    From AUBG I went over to the New Bulgarian University.

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