Radu Luchian(ov): Portfolio:

Hi there. This is where you can see the Web projects I worked on. See my CV for Internet technologies I'm using.

The site you're just browsing: version 7 of my Home Area. I work on this when I get the time (which means almost never).

(2007+) Web projects I still work on these days (other than the website you're watching now):

(1994-2013) An online repository for the documentation of an archaeological excavation: link outkchuka.net. It is based on a wiki engine for convenient online editing and change tracking, and uses custom markup I developed for displaying and interacting with maps, floor plans and pictures.

(2008-2009) While learning the inventory control tricks at Westfair foods (the Loblaw warehouse I was working for), I prototyped and served for myself and my colleagues another knowledge management wiki for keeping track of processes and especially the hidden process glue. Not visible to the general public due to non-disclosure clauses in my contract.

(2006-2007) A knowledge management wiki for keeping track of about 2GB of data: processes and process glue, manuals and updates on the entire line of HP LaserJet printers. Not visible to the general public due to non-disclosure clauses in my contract.

(2003-2006) I concentrated most of my web develpoment efforts (and some research), into link outMonDoc. I have many test beds for that project (including the site you are browsing now), but the best-looking was the link outEast Cree language site (from 2006 I was no longer working on that project, so the main organization, site template,and dynamic databases are no longer what I developed. The Flash wheel on the main page and the Flash + Javascript lessons are all you can still see from my design).

(2004-2005) The DHTML and Flash programming and a few design suggestions for a version of link outthe Resource section of the creeculture.ca web site.

(2000-2004) With all the study, in the first three years after I came to Canada I didn't get many chances to put my Web-building skills to use. Besides working on the site you're browsing now, I did only this:

(1999) I did the programming, some Flash automation and some of the 3D design tricks while supervising the work of my wife, Irena, for NBU's link outSchool of Management.

Some of the projects (presentation, automated code generation, imaging, animation, e-commerce), that I supervised as Project Leader at link outStudio VISIA (my main technical contribution was image integration automation using link outNoteTab macros clips, as well as QualityAssurance):

(1997-2000) At NBU I had time only for the site of the link outCognitive Science Center and Department; later on, Irena took over for some time, and now the site is in the hands of the secretary of the Center.

(1993-98) Web projects I worked on at link outAUBG (I see that they have re-shuffled the site and most of my projects have disappeared... I'll have to put up mirrors when I have some spare time):

For projects still on the drawing board, please see my list of current ones. My other portfolios available now are: Generic, Programming and Cognitive Science.