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I'm not sure the list of worlds below is complete, but these are some Moon Steer lives in and the many stories of Persona World for which I've been historian for five years.

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Worlds currently inhabited by Moon Steer's avatars (in dire need of individual pages here in my RPG section):

  • link outNeopia (MMORPG, Puzzle, Action)
  • link outAzeroth (sCG = several Computer Games, MMORPG)

    Older ones:
  • Middle Earth (Lit = Literature)
  • Ultima (sCG)
  • Persona World (PbeM = Play by eMail)
  • Greyhawk (PnP = Paper'n Pencil, ADnD = Advanced Dungeons'n Dragons, Lit)
  • Another World (DikuMUD = one version of the many text-oriented Multi-User Dimensions out there)
  • Forgotten Realms (PnP, ADnD, Lit): Baldur's Gate (sCG)
  • Diablo (sCG, Lit)
  • Norrath (MMORPG = Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game): EverQuest (sCG)
  • Starcraft (sCG, Lit)
  • RedMoon (MMORPG, Lit)
  • link outLyhn (MMORPG) - here's the link outFAQ I put together for it.
  • WARPe (MWMORPGe = Multi-World Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game engine)
  • link outVirtual Magic Kingdom (MMORPG)
  • link outShaiya (MMORPG)

    What attracts me to RPG (which as you can see, for me is mostly in Epic Fantasy worlds), is the accurate portrayal of human nature. Thesa are some ideas, principles, watchamacallits that I've been glimpsing in the literature that I was reading and in the life I am living:

  • There are no "bad" people, only bad actions and misguided people. The concept of "bad" was invented by us humans to describe something that goes against our goals; but we should realize that just as there as many opinions about everything as there are assholes, it's bound to
  • Every action is "bad" or "good" when viewed from the right point of view. I've seen plenty of people who declare themselves "good", attack without provocation other people or creatures just because they seemed "evil" to them. And this happened not only in RPG environments, but in RL also. And even pampering, over-protecting your kids (something I have to keep explaining to my wife -- it simply doesn't register in her books), you're not helping them, but making them prone to a lot of unhappiness in the chaotic flow of life; from a point of view that's being good to them, from another it's being evil. I could never find any action that can be seen as purely good or purely bad. Except maybe needlessly killing creatures who want to live could qualify as 'bad'.
  • Love thy neighbor is indeed the way to happiness -- if all the other moral rules in place in the entity (person, group), are consistent with this one.
  • These ideas fell into shape once I read the Lord of the Rings - and got further entrenched after I read the mythology of Middle Earth in the Silmarils. "One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them." The idea, as I read the Middle Earth saga, was not that Lord Sauron wanted the ring for himself, but that he had materialized hate and greed, envy and mistrust in order to break down the other races and thus bring forth darkness. For me, this was true novelization of real life as humans live it throughout history. And now on TV, the Joss Whedon series, Buffy and Angel go further in that direction, combining the moral with the social and acutely personal.

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