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If you're interested in participating in this World or in reading whatever comes out as it does, you may subscribe to my link outsupport list. Once I find time to revive the Archive, you can ask questions, check FAQ files, find pointers to Persona stories or other realms etc.

Persona World logoPersona World came into existence in 1992 when a bunch of people interested in interactive fiction were bumped out of an RPG discussion list and asked to maintain and fund their own message board (persona@gitvm1.bitnet). There are many types of interactive fiction; what Persona members did was collaborative writing. We were calling it PBeM RPG (Play By e-Mail Role Playing Game); each of us was following whatever rules they were familiar with (I used ADND: Advanced Dungeons'N Dragons), and were rolling the dice for the piece of adventure we were writing. Each had [a] character[s] in one or several story threads, through the eyes of whom they were narrating. Unlike paper'n pencil RPG, there were no NPCs (non-player characters) and no DM (dungeon master). Even the dice were sometimes bent or forgot altogether in the path of imagination.

We had loads of fun.

This is where Moon Steer appeared in the Multiverse (see A Robe for Zal... below). In 1995, when I took over Thesond, the PersonaWorld Librarian, I started a web page dedicated to Persona. Here are some excerpts:

Flight of Fantasy

The Archive you are browsing now is the result of the collective effort of different people, members of a public distribution list. All the copyrights for the PCs and personal posts belong to their respective authors.

But what it is all about? Role-playing. Based solely on the rules that we all decided upon while playing along. Plus your imagination. And you'd be amazed to see what a couple of people with a bit of imagination can write interactively.

What the Archives are, actually, is a HUGE hypertext book. Over a dozen of stories, close to a hundred characters in an interactive fantasy opus. The longer files are split in chunks of maximum 60k so that you won't have to load much more than you can read at once.

Below, in the Threads section, all the stories are listed, together with the size of the story, in kilobytes, and a short description. After that, a series of supporting documents are available, which detail the World of Persona for all the interested people out on the WWW.


  • The Heads of the Kingdoms (37k) Virtually the first Persona World thread. It is still active. Some all-powerful beings in Nyrond (close to godhood) compete for power and glory. Matters related to the rulers of the kingdoms in the World of Persona.
  • A Lawful Hobgoblin (60k) On the background of the Collosal Fight from the beginnings of Persona, a not very probable figure fights for Balance in the World and chases Demons everywhere.
  • Bad Waters... Rel Mord is Poisoned! (49k) A VERY improbable collection of characters tries to figure out why the capital water is poisoned. Apathy in the middle.
  • The Path to Annihilator (44k) Annihilator hopes to get a new adept in this thread with many god involvments. Ending à la Agatha Christie.
  • Cutthroat's own Reality (11k) A thread for which the author claims total ownership... Might be on a different continent... Or in a different plane (still Prime Material) altogether.
  • Thanos: A Beginning (30k) From the owner of Kalindra, a beginning of a (very promising) story, all cut in the middle. Too bad. I sure hope it'll continue.
  • The Streets of Rel Mord (140k) Random action on the agitated streets of the Nyrond capital. One of the places of choice for starting threads on Persona World.
  • A Robe for Zal, a Blade for Moon (173k) The most inexperienced Fellowship member gathers experience and a wonder-sword.
  • Life of a Cat Lady (98k) Another love story. A very RARE and beautiful (of course ) Cat Lady (of the Cat Lords breed) looks for fun and excitement, accompanied by a mysterious cap'tain.
  • Beginning... Collosal Fight (30k)
  • The Fellowship is Drifting... (218k) Loosing their leader, the Fellowship drifts through the dieing World.
  • Dane and the Dame :) (256k) A Hulk-like creature and a powerful magician thief help a small creature to find his family.
  • Freeing Tharidzun (0k) A thief from Celene plots a transformation fantastic even for a fantasy world.
  • Guild Wars (0k) Assassins and thieves affaires as a background for many of the other Rel Mord plots.
  • Merrybelle and Todzjia (86k) Two psions are attracted in a forest of Nyrond, close to one of the villages recently plundered by vampires.
  • The Orb of the Titans (440k) The quest to stop a cheated Titan from destroying the World.
  • Raven and the Seeker (145k) Two enemies by circumstance become... do I dare say... inlove?
  • Exploration of the South (52k) A powerful wizard bored of books finds friends and studies the world.
  • Neshammon's Tongue (147k) A most unique creature attempts to get back his tongue, cut off because of a misunderstanding.
  • Vampire Galore (282k) The vampires and thieves against elves and the others.
    Support data:
  • Persona Character List (43k)
  • Persona World Geography (22k)
  • Persona Signatures (18k)
  • Persona History (14k)
  • Support Pictures (494k)

    Given time, I may bring Persona World (past and future), back on-line...

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