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Click to see some of the worlds in which Moon Steer lives and the many stories of Persona World for which I've been historian for five years.

Moon Steer appeared in the Multiverse in 1994 while I was exploring the expanding Net and I stumbled over an RPG discussion list. There were some PBeM threads interwoven in 'serious' discussions, so I jumped in with my first player character, shaped from fresh impressions of Ursula K.LeGuin's Ged (wizard of Earthsea). Since then, it is my main RPG name, and I sign with it any literature I write or translate and any drawing, painting, photo or music that I produce.

Moon Steer is the nickname my player character has been branded with in his youth for the following reason. He wanted to look at the other side of the Moon, but since he could not move the celestial object, in his desire to do so he was conjuring globes of light and moving them around in his solitary games, deep in the forest that surrounded his village. The elves in the forest had taken a liking to him, they came up with the nickname Moon Steer and recognizing his strong inclination for magic, taught him some of the lesser ways of magic. Later on, in his travels, the young fighter-mage has encountered a carbuncle, little sentient critter who found Moon Steer too long to pronounce and shortened it to Moste ['mosti].

For me, Moste symbolized, similar to Monicsoft, my reach for the impossible - perfection in the epistemic, moral and ethical domains. But in a moderate way. I usually try to find possible approximations to the impossible I strive for.

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