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"Reality needs fantasy to render it desirable, just as fantasy needs reality to make it believable." -- Stephen Duncombe: Dream

I'm a reading addict. Just like my Mom, I can go hungry if that's what it takes to get a book I really want to read. Unfortunately, lately I'm reading the fiction I'm addicted to, only while waiting for public transportation: the rest of my entertainment time is gobbled up by phone games and the few TV series that I find worth watching.

Until I find a better place, here's to link outDouglas Adams!

On my extended site, at home, I have many links down below, but for the public site, I'll keep only some of my poems, some poems that I like a lot (and plan to translate :); they're in Romanian and French, a list of translations I undertook and the list of books I want to get. Whenever I get the time, I'll bring back on-line some of the fantasy role-playing I wrote as a Denizen, then as Historian of Persona World.

  • If you want an in on the things that bug me, check the list of commentary I wrote
  • Since I like movies, when I get the time, I add a bit to the link outIMDB archive.

    My poems:
    Dreamin' Ahead | Attack | Pie&Waldo's | Lost in the Future | My Busy-Bee | Users. | Revolt against the Heavens | Caught in the web | Ideal(s?)!?

    by Romanian poets:
    Folk: Miorița
    Topârceanu: Blesteme | Prefațã
    Eminescu: La Steaua | Când amintirile... | Ce te legeni... | Somnoroase pãsãrele | Singurãtate | Sara pe deal
    Arghezi: Seara
    Vlahuþã: Nehotărâre
    Grigorescu: Cântec de leagãn
    Ionescu: Cristofer
    Compact: Călător spre infinit

    by English-writing poets (UK, US, etc):
    Kipling: IF

    by French poets:

  • Automne

    During more than two years (1990-1992) I watched, listened, translated and typed in the dialogues for 14 series of English and French animated cartoons and some feature films; with no typed master and no character list avaiable! Here they are, with their original names and in chronological order:

  • Denver, Le Dernier Dinosaure 9 episodes;
  • Les Ratons Laveurs 16 episodes;
  • The Ninja Turtles I 15 episodes;
  • The Ninja Turtles II 15 episodes;
  • Les Aventuriers de L'Èspace 29 episodes;
  • Blackstar 13 episodes;
  • Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs 18 episodes;
  • Macron I 24 episodes;
  • The Dream Stone 13 episodes;
  • The Lone Ranger Rides Again 19 episodes;
  • Ordy 12 episodes;
  • Michel Vaillant 49 episodes;
  • Operation Mozart 12 episodes;
  • Voltron 9 episodes;
  • Rudolf and Frosty "Christmas in July";
  • Once Upon a Time;
  • Tuoni et Litelle "Le Prèmier Dessin Anime à L'Ordinateur";
  • Robotech II;

    Books I started translating (but who has the time!??)

  • Starstrike and Stranger in a Strange Land to Romanian
  • Planeta Fãrã Memorie (The Planet which had lost its Memory) to English